It's Mother's Day so island trotters Issa and Neil honor these five fabulous Pinay mom wanderers and writers who immensely inspire us with their adventures and mishaps. These super mums continue to seek new sights and search for more exciting destinations despite the difficulties of traveling with tots.  I'm not yet a mother but I'm aware how difficult it is to carry around a child on a trip.

Crying infants could be hard to deal with while traveling. Even toddlers are a bit tough to handle with their fits of rage and tantrums. But every wonderful, wandering mom succeeds at this. Some of the best even get to record and share their thoughts and travel experiences with a wider audience. I wish more moms would travel. And when they do, I hope they freely share their struggles, happiness, and tips on a blog. 

It's my pleasure to showcase in this blog 5 awesome Pinay mommy adventurers. Greet them if you happen to meet them on the road. Better yet, check out their blogs, and leave a comment, like their page, follow them on twitter - do anything to show your encouragement. 

Filipina Explorer

Who: Butchie or Gretchen (professionally)

Going to the shop, the church or a nearby clinic with an irritable infant is no easy feat. Imagine squeezing yourself and your baby inside a cramped bus, tiny tricycle, or crowded jeepney - you perhaps picture a journey that is frustratingly crazy. But Butchie survives by doing all the necessary preps, cooly dealing with the hassles and creatively blogging about her trips with Lia. There's certainly no stopping this mom explorer and she naturally passes on her wanderlust tendencies to Lia. Check out Filipina Explorer's practical and heartwarming take on raising a child while on a never-ending adventure.

Pinay Travel Junkie

Who: Gay Miriel Emami

Instead of running away, Gay chose to run towards more adventures with her new travel buddy, her daughter Luna. The traveling tot embraces her mom's gypsetting lifestyle - and she obviously loves it! In this picture, you'll totally agree that Luna enjoys nature, festivals, and globetrotting as her parents do. While you stalk Gay's nomadic pursuits, you'll gain insights and tips on how she keeps her active daughter safe, healthy, and well-entertained while on a trip around the world. You might bump with Pinay travel junkie on the road if you're fond of the outdoors and new destinations. Don't forget to check out her outfit if you'd like to steal her iconic gypsetter's style.

The Go Mom

Who: Lilian

Ever pictured yourself tagging along three kids to Bali, Japan, or Hongkong Disneyland ? Lilian, like most mommies on the go, can totally relate to the happy chaos most parents had to put up with when traveling with children. Share with her your thoughts on family travel highs and lows so she won't be disheartened thinking she's alone in this challenge. Sneak a peek at the peaks and valleys of exploring the world with kids and join her journey to smarter parenthood. You'll learn loads of family travel tips plus you'd be able to print free study worksheets for your kids if you visit The Go Mom website and linger longer.


Who: Erlaine

As a travel planner, it seems so easy for Erlaine to go to as many places as she desires. But no glamorous mom would leave a lovely daughter and her man behind. As an engineer-turned-work-at-home mompreneur, she learns how to hunt for inexpensive vacations to take Kelsea (her daughter) and her hubby. She's just recently won a free trip to Cebu after joining an online contest - what a perfect pre-mother's day treat! To find out how she did it, visit her blog and stay tuned for more explorations and family adventures she has to share.

Misis Chronicles

Who: Badet

Badet is a self-confessed stage mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Gwen. She shares her adventures and misadventures as a new mommy on a blog she calls Misis Chronicles. Traveling with a baby is possible - that's the mantra she wants to spread. Aside from traveling, she also writes about parenting and family life. Who wouldn't love a mom who takes her daughter on a hike to the Dragon's Back? If I were Gwen, I'd keep this photo handy to show off to my future classmates and friends - instant bragging rights!

Gorgeous mom travel bloggers, by showing us that traveling is never ended by a newborn or a number of toddlers in tow, you give all solo female travelers and mums a blissful future to look forward to.To all adventurous moms whom I haven't mentioned on this post, may you all have a fabulous mother's day celebration and more island trotting expeditions!