What’s stuck with me after our Siargao trip was our surfing stint.

Originally, we meant to explore Surigao del Sur’s enchanted blue river but just like most trips, our plan changed at the last minute.

We all agreed to surf in Siargao instead. And we had no regrets!

The Wannabe Surfing Instructors

While most first-time surfers set realistic goals like ‘learning how to stand on a surfboard or preventing a fall’, the boys with me aimed for something far more ambitious: ‘become surfing instructors’.

Surf ready

In the words of my travel buddies, Jab and Marco, they only needed an hour of lesson to become legit surfing instructors. At every conversation we had in Siargao, they swore they would ride the waves like a Pro in no time. You can just imagine my situation there. LOL.

As a restless traveller, you’d be right to guess I had an instant obsession with surfing. (I bet any adventurer would feel the same way). But no matter how eager or hyper you think you are, you ought to know that beginner-level surfing can be a real challenge.

Pushing yourself to do something you haven’t tried before starts by embracing the whole idea of it. Besides, the feeling that I was about to tick off an item on my bucket list remained stronger than a possible encounter with the great white shark or an embarrassing, hurtful fall.

What’s so fantastic about surfing in Siargao, anyway?

1.Siargao is a nature sanctuary

Siargao Sanctuary

Siargao lets you step into a new ground and inspires you to call it a second home. That’s what this island’s laid-back nature does to you.

I wanted a vacation that has just enough commercial spots to get a decent place to stay, and still be surrounded by coconut trees, charming seaview and the like. It’s the ultimate summer setting.

Much to my delight, everything in this famous surfing spot was in perfect harmony. Loads of trees lined the sides of the road. A few small yet splendid islands off the shore are open for exploration. Diving spots are a few minutes away from the main island. And we stayed in a cool resort located just in front of the main surfing spot - the Cloud 9. Who could’ve asked for more?

2. Instructors are like the coconut trees — they are everywhere!

Surfing instruction

There’s no way you’re stepping on Siargao shore without putting your feet on a surf board!

Even if it’s out of the itinerary (which I doubt), countless instructors will persuade you with irresistible offers of surfing lessons and board rental. If you want it pre-organized, local shops and resorts can book you ahead.

NOTE: The standard package rate for board rental and an hour of surfing lessons is 500, but you can rent out a board for the entire day for the same price.

3. The tide is always high.

Siargao high tide

Where’s the fun in a beach without crashing waves?

In Siargao, you will have an abundance of it and it’s going to be stronger as the rainy season draws near. This calls for a visit if you want to experience the bigger, more exciting waves. Or you can wait for September, just in time for the annual surfing competition.

Siargao still holds the reputation for having the best surfing waves in the Philippines and it’s every surfer’s dream destination so there’s no reason not to visit the place.

4. Meet and greet surf chicks or dudes.

You’ll find them everywhere. Many of these beach heartthrobs have settled down here and do nothing but surf (perhaps they work but it’s hard to tell). It’s amazing to see these surfers in complete gear and get-up as if everyday is a competition. You’ll also find them attending yoga sessions, which is great for those who enjoy people-watching.

There are also many friendly foreigners who visit Siargao for a short while. Most of them have a lot to say about the beauty of the Philippines, which means you can never run out of good topics for conversations. I would describe the place as a small community of (attractive) people with similar interests. If you happen to be a surf enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll get along with them quickly.

I have to say, staying in Siargao, even for a few days, gave me an immeasurable level of thrill. Expect your energy levels to stay high that you’d start thinking sleeping is a waste of time. Aren’t these enough to make you want to surf in Siargao now?