“I should be quite content if I owned a hut and a little plot of land in Camiguin where your father and I could retire,” my mother’s thoughts exactly. She repeats this reverie loudly whether or not she finds a willing listener.

I have been to Camiguin four times. Twice when I was a toddler, once when I was ten (I studied there for a year), and then when I was 27 (when I could finally afford plane tickets for myself and my parents). I felt the same fascination I had when I was just ten – when I beheld the sight of Camiguin, it changed the nature of my thoughts.

Burbling brooks greet you when you look outside our backdoor. When you look through the front window, sea breeze will sway your hair as waves hit the shore. Just a few steps away from my grandma’s home, you’ll find the sun rising from the hills and sinking in the horizon by late afternoon. Rice fields were serene green and will only stir to cheer up everyone who passes by - either on foot or on a vehicle.

Camiguin has seven volcanoes, two popular and huge waterfalls, natural springs, varied trees and plants, exotic animals, pristine beaches, and amazing marine sites. When God created the earth, he designated this island as a wonderland for his creatures – undoubtedly a perfect place to retire.

Last Christmas, our fellow island trotter Neil went home to Poblacion Sagay, Camiguin, to spend the holiday with his family. I spent mine in Manila. When I asked him to showcase the best sights he could find using Go Pro Hero 3, he did his best to bring me the best ‘pasalubong‘ – take-home underwater and sunset shots!

In this post, I bring you all the priceless photos Neil and his brothers have taken. After seeing these pictures, I was so green with envy. For now, let’s sit back and relax. Enjoy couch-surfing with me.